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Best event management company Koramangala: professional planning for every occasion

Corporate events build valuable connections, foster cohesiveness among employees, and create new business opportunities. These events can be organized for various reasons such as celebrating success, sharing knowledge, establishing a brand name, launching a product/service, etc. In most simple terms, these events aid in the overall success of the company. Organizing an event requires time, resources, and most importantly efficient management. It can be challenging to manage work and plan an event simultaneously, hiring a corporate event planning company in Koramangala can help you focus on what needs your time and attention and also host a successful event. So, if you are looking to make your next event more memorable, more efficient, and most importantly a grand success, G-Unit Events is your partner!

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Our vision and mission towards corporate event management

Corporate event management company in Koramangala


G-Unit Events aspires to set new standards of excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We envision becoming the chosen corporate event management company in koramangala for creating unforgettable experiences that resonate with clients and attendees.

Corporate event management company in Koramangala


Our mission is to provide exceptional corporate event planning and management services across various parts of the world. To achieve this we are committed to delivering transparent, impactful, and memorable event management services to our clients.

Corporate event services offered
by G-Unit Events


Corporate meetings

We understand that corporate meetings serve important functions, which is why we help clients to plan from end to end. We help in venue selection, agenda planning, and logistics management, and make sure that every part of the event is smoothly facilitated.


Team building events

Our corporate event organizers in Koramangala help in hosting events that build collaboration and strengthen the bonds between your team members. We customize these events based on your input and include various exercises, workshops, and games.


Product launches

We understand the significance of introducing a new product or service to the market. Our team develops launch strategies based on the target audience to make sure the event resonates with the attendees. We also help to coordinate with local media for interviews and live streams.


Annual retreats

Annual retreats in corporate life provide a break from work-life routine and help in improving the bond between the employees. We help in scouting the best retreats in town and take care of all the logistics from travel to accommodation including wellness and recreation activities.


Board Meeting

Board meetings host some of the most important decisions made for the success of the company. Our board meeting settings establish a professional environment that helps businesses focus on complicated issues or make new decisions to enhance business operations.


MICE Events

G-Units comprises a team of highly talented and experienced event planners. With our expertise and experience in corporate event management, we specialize in organizing various business events or tours. Our management can help you host a wide range of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions.

Perks of having corporate event organizers

Corporate event management company in Koramangala

Expert planning and organization

Event organizers specialize in planning and organizing events without any trouble. They take care of the timeline, logistic management, and vendor coordination, and assess all the risk factors to provide seamless corporate event management services in Koramangala.

Kormanagala Corporate event


Event organizers take the burden off your shoulders. They take care of literally everything from managing tasks to fixing technical issues, and operations and troubleshooting all the problems to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Corporate event management company in Koramangala

Creative ideas and themes

With their expertise and experience in corporate event management, our organizers brainstorm creative themes, design various elements of the events, and curate decorations to provide engaging experiences for the attendees.

budget planning


Hiring event management services in Koramangala actually saves costs, as they work closely with the vendors to secure competitive rates. They also monitor all the expenses throughout the planning process to ensure transparent event management.

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Why we are the leading corporate event organizers in Koramangala

Team Building Activities

Commitment to

As one of the prominent corporate event planners in Koramangala, we are sincerely committed to providing quality resources and logistics. Every aspect of the event is meticulously planned from venue selection to logistics management.

Product Launch


Each stage of our corporate event planning process is developed with sustainability in mind. We minimize the wastage and promote eco-friendly practices including in logistics and several other aspects of the event management.

Corporate Parties

Market trends
event designs

Our professional event planners stay ahead of the curve with the latest industry trends in the market. We incorporate the latest design trends into the decoration and provide the latest technology experiences by infusing our events with creativity.

Company Milestone


Our experience over the years has allowed us to establish strong relationships with various vendors. This will allow us to deliver cost-effective, secure, and best corporate event services to our clients. Our vendors' list ranges from catering to equipment management.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading event management company, we take pride in hosting events even in short notice periods. However, to make the planning and execution process seamless we request our clients to book 4-6 weeks before the event.

Yes, G-Unit Events is known for hosting some of the best corporate events across various parts of Bangalore. Our customer-centric approach combined with customized event planning solutions has made us one of the best corporate event management company in Koramangala.

Yes, we do offer digital and virtual corporate event management services to allow our clients to seamlessly host meetings or any corporate event with clients or employees. Our services are catered to a diverse range of business needs and we are known for providing uninterrupted screenings to make sure the event is continuous.

God Speed Unit is our subsidiary company, where we provide end-to-end in-house production & fabrication services.

We maintain an in-house inventory of a curated selection of stage elements for all kinds of events. By avoiding third-party vendors, we can offer the best stage decoration solutions for our clients at reasonable prices.

God Speed