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Corporate events are vital in holding the employees together, establishing new relationships, and maintaining order and happiness across the organization. We provide an excellent platform for networking, employee engagement, brand visibility, knowledge sharing, and celebrating key success factors, with your corporate family.

If you are looking for the right corporate event management company in Bangalore, choose G-Unit Events, where we turn your dreams into reality with a team of young enthusiasts who are passionate about crafting events that are mesmerizing and treasured.

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Celebrate your corporate events with G-Unit Events and experience meetings, seminars, and other work gatherings. We completely organize every aspect that will make your corporate event unforgettable.

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Unveiling G-Unit Events: your corporate event enthusiasts

G-Unit Events was established with the primary goal of making events stand out. We bring life into the events we organize, by turning your visions into vibrant realities. From corporate office inaugurations to hosting wedding events, our expertise spans diverse arenas. Our passion for hosting creative events combined with our client-centric approach made us one of the leading corporate party organizers in Bangalore.

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Corporate event management services

With a focus on creating impactful and memorable experiences, we offer a wide range of services that are customized to meet the unique needs of businesses.

Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

Strengthen the bonds between the employees with our team-building activities. We help you organize playful, engaging, and purposeful activities for your employees to help them build communication and collaboration skills.

Product Launch

Product Launch

Introduce your products with confidence in an exceptional setting solely crafted for new product introductions. G-Unit Events specializes in organizing product launch events where each product can be highlighted so that your purpose is fulfilled.

Corporate Parties

Corporate Parties

As a part of our corporate event organization services, we host the best in-town corporate parties. Celebrate with your corporate family with our curated list of exciting plans for corporate parties.

Company Milestone

Company Milestone

Celebrate some of the most valuable milestones of your company with G-Unit Events, a corporate event organizer. Our experienced event managers and team ensure that your event is mesmerizing and memorable.

Family Fun Events

Family Fun

Corporate family fun events are an excellent way to establish a community in the corporate world. We make family events extra exciting with various activities curated for kids, adults, and old-aged family members.

Board Meeting


We host board meetings in a setting that aspires to discuss legal duties, strategy formulation, and governance within an organization, helping businesses organize conference or seminar meetings covering various key topics.

Conclave Event


Plan a conclave event with experts, leaders, and industry professionals. Our best event organizers, help you choose a relevant theme, curate engaging content, and a venue that aligns with the event’s significance.

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions)

G-Unit Events, as the best event management company in Bangalore, specializes in crafting exceptional meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. We have a dedicated team of committed professionals to create memorable experiences that matter.

About G-Units
  • We craft events that promote communication, collaboration, and decision-making.
  • We design incentive programs to reward your employees and motivate them for better performance.
  • We handle every detail of the conference from logistics to conference themes.
  • As a part of our corporate event services, we provide innovative exhibitions from engaging layouts to innovative screens

Benefits of hiring professionals for corporate events

  • One of the expert corporate event planners can help you plan and execute an event perfectly without any hassles.
  • Professional event management companies have access to a network of reliable vendors for various logistics of events.
  • These event management companies can assure you a well-coordinated event that is a success and memorable to all the guests.
  • Most of the family members can take a break and focus on important things by collaborating with the management companies.
Benefit of G-unit

Our vision and mission for
corporate event management services



We envision demolishing the mediocre standards of event management solutions in India and helping corporate clientele establish a strong brand name in the market by providing reliable corporate event management services.



G-unit Events aims to become the best Corporate event management company in Bangalore by providing reliable and exceptional services. We are on our journey to breathe life into every event we organize and are committed to going as far as possible to achieve this.

Our unique approach to
corporate events

Initial Consultation


We start the process by initiating a meeting to understand the event requirements, expectations, and objectives through in-depth discussions.

Approach and Conceptualization

Approach and Conceptualization

From the information we have gathered through the client meeting, we craft a unique event concept by integrating creativity and innovation.

Pre-event Coordination


Our event organizers meticulously plan and coordinate with you at every step including logistics and vendor management, for a smooth process.

On-site Management


We are known for effectively executing the event, with a dedicated team we ensure everything runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on the event.

Fundamentals of corporate event planning: what to consider

  • We analyze all requirements and allocate a budget plan that secures financial control and prevents overspending.
  • Our team has the best event organizers who select a venue that is suitable for your desired capacity and has all the amenities and ambiance to set the tone for your events.
  • We create a blueprint for the event, which helps in outlining the schedule and ensuring a smooth execution.
  • Corporate event planners in Bangalore offer photography services that help you capture the essence of the event and attendee interactions, so you can cherish those moments.
  • A customized theme helps you hook the guests and add excitement with decor, invitations, and branding to make the event more interactive.
About G-Units

What makes us your ideal choice
for corporate events


Creative Solutions

Innovative event concepts and creative solutions to make your event stand out and leave a lasting impression on event attendees.


Efficient Project Management

Well-organized and efficient project management approach to ensure the event’s objectives are perfectly achieved.


Client-Centric Approach

As one of the leading corporate event management companies in Bangalore, we closely collaborate with clients to understand the needs and preferences of the event with their unique corporate culture.


Comprehensive Safety Measures

Prioritizing the safety of all guests through necessary safety protocols and immediate assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

G-Unit is a leading corporate event management company, we have experience in hosting successful industry-specific events. Check out our portfolio for more information.

We can and have managed events across multiple locations simultaneously. These events came out as a big success and have allowed us to gain valuable experience and feedback from the clients. We have also hosted international events across various industries and countries.

G-units is a leading virtual event management company, we use state-of-the-art and innovative technology across the event management process to facilitate seamless customer experience and ensure that corporate events are hosted uninterruptedly.

As a reliable corporate event organization company, we prioritize the safety and security of our clients and attendees. Our basic security measures ensure protection from fire accidents, electrical damage, and other incidents.

Like most corporate event companies, we don't just handle catering, we serve great food with great experience. Our catering services include diverse menus that cater to all dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, with clear labeling, to make sure every guest has a delightful dietary experience.

God Speed Unit is our subsidiary company, where we provide end-to-end in-house production & fabrication services.

We maintain an in-house inventory of a curated selection of stage elements for all kinds of events. By avoiding third-party vendors, we can offer the best stage decoration solutions for our clients at reasonable prices.

God Speed

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