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Our Different Types of Engagements to Suit Your Love Story

Traditional Ring Exchange

Exchanging the rings is the first important event in Indian weddings. We organize traditional engagement ring exchange events for the bride and the groom with creative ideas. We specialize in providing engagement ring ceremony stage decoration service in Bangalore.

Themed or Destination Engagements

We have skilled wedding planners on our team who can customize your engagement event according to your requirements, and who can also help you in choosing the best engagement destination.

Surprise Proposals

If you are someone who wants to surprise your partner with an exciting proposal, we've got your back. We can organize exciting proposal plans for you to impress your loved one, with a wide range of surprise themes.

Artistic Engagements

For all the art lovers, who want their engagement in an artistic way, we can provide art performances, and special artistic rings to provide a beautiful engagement event that attracts the attendees and lives up to your expectations.

Cruise or Boat Engagements

India is home to some of the most scenic beaches in the world. We organize exotic cruise engagements on these beaches during sunsets, to help you create a beautiful memory on your engagement day with your partner.

Outdoor Engagement

Couples these days are increasingly adapting to outdoor engagement. Our ring ceremony party planners in Bangalore can help you organize a scenic outdoor engagement event with beautiful custom lighting and music.

Our Seamless Process for Exceptional Engagement Event Planning


Before planning the engagement event, we consult the client to understand their specific needs for the engagement style. This helps us to host the event perfectly.


With our insider knowledge of venues, we will provide you with a wide range of options to choose from. Ensuring a successful event.


After the venue selection, our team creates a draft budget plan of all the things that you need and provides you with a rough estimate.

Theme and Design Development

Once everything is finalized, we customize and develop various themes and designs based on the client’s input and present them to them for approval.


We take care of the vendor management and all the logistics directly, to make the process seamless and make the event successful.

Event Day Management

We provide event day management services to minimize the communication gap and arrange all things in times of emergencies.

What Makes Us the Ideal Choice For Creating Memorable Events



We are known for providing unmatched creative themes and ideas for engagement events that can induce life into the engagement party.



Our team communicates with you at each step to minimize miscommunication and any kind of mistakes and also to ensure client satisfaction.



Our services are completely customizable and we craft our packages accordingly, offering you more flexible payment packages.


Timely and
Punctual Execution

Effective time management is one of our strengths. We make sure that no part of the event is delayed or missed to give you a memorable experience.


Venue Access

We have exclusive access to some of the best engagement venues. With our expertise in this field, we can assure you the best venue for your event.



Our team stays ahead of the competition by following all the latest trends in global events and implementing them for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

G-Unit Events understands the importance of the day of the marriage, we organize our weddings based on our schedule and make sure that we are available on the day of the wedding at any cost. We have a team of talented professionals, one of these members will organize everything on the wedding day.

This depends on how prior you inform us. If you inform us 10/15 days before, we can reorganize the event by contacting the hosting place and other performance artists. Based on their availability, we can reschedule the engagement event.

Yes, G-Unit Events can provide transportation services for the guests upon the client's request. In that case, we take care of everything from the start of the event to the end.

There won't be a big problem unless the guest count is unimaginably high. For every event we organize, we suggest our clients increase their guest listings by 30-40 members than the expected guest count for smoother transitions.

Yes, we have some of the best photo and video studios partnered with us across various locations, who can tailor the services for your engagement events.

God Speed Unit is our subsidiary company, where we provide end-to-end in-house production & fabrication services.

We maintain an in-house inventory of a curated selection of stage elements for all kinds of events. By avoiding third-party vendors, we can offer the best stage decoration solutions for our clients at reasonable prices.

God Speed