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G-Unit Events leading outdoor event management company in Bangalore

Outdoor events feel more lively as they can improve the mood and establish a stage for the rest of the event. These events offer room for creativity, allowing the hosting company to ensure an engaging and enjoyable event for their guests. The beauty of these events cannot be replaced or replicated by indoor events, the fresh breeze, sun rays, or the night sky. Businesses and general audiences are increasingly considering outdoor events over traditional indoor ones. So if you are planning on hosting an event in the future, outdoors are the perfect choice. Celebrate outdoor events that engage the audience and leave a memorable mark with G-Unit Events, one of the top outdoor event management companies in Bangalore.

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Exceptional outdoor event services
offered by G-Unit Events

Corporate outings

  • Venue selection with ideal outdoor settings.
  • Customized event plan including activities and games.
  • Catering services with diverse menu options.
  • Isolated workspaces for emergency networking.

Outdoor Award Ceremonies

  • Creative staging and technical equipment setup.
  • Professional event branding and decor.
  • Streamlined award distribution process.
  • High-quality light and sound equipment installation.

Convention Events

  • Effective layout planning for the installation of booths and exhibits.
  • Strategic crowd management and control.
  • Advanced presentation technology for minimum disruption.
  • Effortless vendor and speaker coordination.

Shareholder Meetings

  • Formal and business-friendly outdoor environment setup.
  • Registration and check-in capabilities.
  • Advanced voting equipment for real-time results.
  • High priority on confidentiality and professionalism.

Outdoor Workshops

  • Educational or interactive technological workshop setups.
  • Customized stage and audience management to fit the outdoor environment.
  • Soothing and calming outdoor spaces for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Logistic management for necessary materials or equipment.

Outdoor Concerts or Live Performances

  • Venue selection suitable for handling large crowds or guests.
  • State-of-the-art audio equipment to deliver optimal acoustics.
  • Creative lighting decorations for complementary performances.
  • Crowd compartmentalization (VVIP, VIP, and general audience).

How we plan your ideal outdoor event:
our step-by-step process


Define Event Budget

Our outdoor event service in Bangalore starts by creating a detailed budget report based on the client’s requirements and necessities. This will allow us to cut costs on unimportant things and focus on important things for seamless execution.


Choose Right Venue

Over the years, we have organized outdoor events for various corporate events. This allows us to partner with local venue owners and provide suitable venues for the clients. Get the best venues at competitive prices.


Prepare Attendee List

Our event management team then creates an attendee list to finalize the number of guests attending the event. Our team then divides the list into various categories and ensures a smooth and successful event.


Select Vendors & Suppliers

We also offer effective vendor and supplier management. Our dedicated logistics team handles all the vendor and supplier chain management. This allows us to deliver products on time at affordable prices.


Promote the Event

At G-Unit Events, we specialize in digital and offline marketing. Our outdoor event organisers in Bangalore conduct various campaigns and create unique advertisements for social media and other platforms to help brands attract huge audiences.


Event Decor & Management

Our event decor and management services ensure that the purpose of your event is clearly depicted in small details of decoration and management services. Experience trending and reliable decor services at affordable prices.

Why G-Unit Events is the best
best outdoor event organiser in Bangalore

Fashion Show Event Management Company in Bangalore


G-Unit Events, we offer end-to-end outdoor event management Services in Bangalore. This includes everything right from event planning to event management and streamlined coordination of all the event aspects.

Innovative event

Our expert event management team conceptualizes various creative themes customized to your brand and objectives. We present these themes to the clients to create unique experiences that engage the audience.

Fashion Show Event Management Company in Bangalore

Commitment to

We offer transparent and high-quality event management services. Our commitment to customer service and delivering successful outdoor events has made us a reliable corporate event management company.

Strong Vendor

With over years of experience, we have connections with some of the best logistic service providers. This allows us to deliver top-quality outdoor event management services at affordable prices.

Versatile Event

We specialize in delivering successful event management solutions for clients across various industries. Our ability to adapt to various challenges and excel in planning any event setting allowed us to earn a loyal customer base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We organize every event through precise planning, which involves conceptualization and defining objectives. Our planners can also help with the selection of venues, and plan logistics such as seating, staging, promotions, entertainment, and amenities.

Outdoor team-building activities include field days, hiking, volunteering, treasure hunts, etc to build communication and collaboration between teams.

It is advised that corporate companies partner with outdoor event-organizing companies for seamless execution. As they have more experience and are established in the market, they can help use various social media platforms, and offline marketing, partner with local businesses for cross-promotion, etc.

Our unique and client-centric approach to hosting outdoor events allows us to plan corporate events. Our planning and execution stages are discussed in detail with our clients before starting the execution, this helps us to personalize the events and make them successful.

As the best corporate outdoor party planners in Bangalore, we follow strict safety protocols at every stage of the event. Our expert event management teams conduct a safety assessment to identify potential threats before the day of the event. We also establish a clear emergency plan and arrange security personnel and medical staff on-site based on the requirements of the client.

God Speed Unit is our subsidiary company, where we provide end-to-end in-house production & fabrication services.

We maintain an in-house inventory of a curated selection of stage elements for all kinds of events. By avoiding third-party vendors, we can offer the best stage decoration solutions for our clients at reasonable prices.

God Speed