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Corporate event organisers in HSR layout : Excellence in every event

If you are looking to organise a corporate event or a corporate fashion show for your company, then G-Unit Events is your perfect choice. As a leading corporate event management company in HSR Layout, we make successful and memorable corporate events, allowing corporate businesses to make memories and grow on their journey.

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How corporate events influence your brand image

Enhanced Visibility

Corporate events act as a platform for showcasing the brand image to a wider range of audience. By hosting these corporate events you can improve brand awareness and attract more talent and potential business customers.

Reputation Building

Hosting corporate events will allow businesses to demonstrate their company values, commitment to their industry, and expertise to the target audience. Positive experiences at these corporate events can contribute to increased sales.

Networking Opportunities

Business hostings such as product launches, conferences, and business development activities provide a unique chance to connect with prospective clients and other stakeholders, this can increase the chances for collaborations.

Market Positioning

Corporate events help businesses establish a strong place in the competitive market of Bangalore. Effective marketing through these events offers a favourable space and beats the competition.

Employee Morale and Loyalty

Internal corporate events can help businesses incorporate a healthy workplace for their employees. Corporate events such as team-building or employee appreciation can boost employee morale and loyalty.

Explore corporate event management services offered By G-Unit Events in HSR layout


Business Meetings

We understand that business meetings serve as a medium to communicate, collaborate, and make informed decisions. Our team defines the objective of the meeting and creates a detailed agenda to facilitate a smooth meeting.


Team Development Activities

Our team development activities are designed to strengthen the teams and improve the dynamics. Being the best event management company in HSR layout, we conduct various activities during team off-sites or workshops to strengthen team bonds and improve communication.


New Product Launches

We develop compelling and innovative product stories, that include pre-product photoshoots, filmmaking, and launching events. We also help businesses host events where customers interact directly with the product.


Yearly Retreats

Employees wait throughout the year to recharge on yearly retreats. We help businesses host retreats that bring employees together, improve bonding, and ensure a long-term sustainable relationship.


Executive Board Meetings

Board meetings are confidential and involve discussing sensitive business matters. As a top corporate event management in HSR Layout, G-Unit understands the importance of these meetings, which is why we help businesses locate private meeting halls for their meetings.


(MICE) Events

G-Unit Events specializes in managing MICE events. We offer customized corporate event management services to help businesses discuss plans, reward employees, and host conferences, and trade shows.

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Discover why G-Unit events are your best choice for corporate events

Corporate event management company in HSR Layout

Understanding Your
Business Needs

Our comprehensive corporate event management services revolve around organizational needs. G-Unit Events is a premier corporate event planning company in HSR layout, that understands the business, your expectations, and the event size to facilitate seamless event management.

Corporate event management company in HSR Layout


We specialize in presentation management. We offer end-to-end logistic and maintenance support for your corporate event. We ensure that everything is exactly the same as it is supposed to be on the day of the event.

Corporate event management company in HSR Layout

Catering and

At G-Unit Events, we provide a wide range of catering services. Our selection includes various cuisines in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Food is an important part of event, and we serve the best.

Corporate event management company in HSR Layout

Expert Venue

Over the course our experience in event management, we have established strong relationships with venue owners. This allows us to provide the best venues and top corporate event management services in HSR layout with exclusive discounts to our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, G-Unit Events offers industry-leading marketing services to help businesses reach wider audiences. Our internal marketing team collaborates closely with clients and understands their requirements to target customers who are more likely to attend the event.

Our initial consultation process is seamless and convenient. You can visit our office, and website, or directly contact us to book our services. Our corporate event planners in HSR layout consist of friendly professionals, who assist you through the entire process.

We provide end-to-end event management services for all kinds of corporate events, including Corporate event Management, Inauguration Planners, Conferences and Seminar Events, Corporate Outdoor events, Hospitality and Wellness Management, and Award Ceremonies.

God Speed Unit is our subsidiary company, where we provide end-to-end in-house production & fabrication services.

We maintain an in-house inventory of a curated selection of stage elements for all kinds of events. By avoiding third-party vendors, we can offer the best stage decoration solutions for our clients at reasonable prices.

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