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Craft iconic events with fashion show organisers in Bangalore

Fashion shows require careful planning to effectively showcase the garments, as creative presentations increase the customer engagement rate. The theme of the event plays an important role, matching the theme with the costumes makes the event exciting. Hiring professional fashion event companies in Bangalore can help you host a successful fashion event. G-Units event management company specializes in fashion show event management. Our services will help you effectively display and convey the importance of your brand’s product or service to the customers. Our event management services can bring your fashion to life with grand stage decorations and immersive music and lighting options.

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Our comprehensive fashion show services

Fashion Show Event Management Company in Bangalore

Fashion Show

Corporate fashion shows often involve formal dress codes and traditions. G-Unit events the fashion show event management company in Bangalore, brings creativity to events while maintaining the formal look for the event, transforming the runway into an encompassing experience for the visitors.

Fashion Show Event Management Company in Bangalore

Fashion Show

For all the fashion designers and teams planning to present their latest trends to the market. G-Unit Events helps to host designer fashion shows, with clear planning to highlight their new fashion designs and increase sales.

Fashion Show

We help organisations host charity fashion shows to display products and collect donations to help people who are in need. Our services cover tickets, purchases, fundraising, and also model management.

Show Week

G-Unit Events specializes in hosting week-long fashion shows. Our services highlight fresh fashion trends by emphasizing their iconic styles. We aim to execute the perfect presentation of various fashion garments.

Fashion Show

College fashion shows are getting quite popular these days. We bring the latest trends and decoration services specifically crafted for college environments to make sure each student and attendees enjoy every bit of the show.

Fashion Show

We bring a team of experienced fashion professionals, who can make your fashion shows colorful. They customise various themes based on the client's requirements to make sure that your event is as unique as your fashion brand.

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Selecting Fashion Theme

We start by understanding the purpose of your fashion show event. Based on this purpose, our expert event managers brainstorm unique themes. We integrate this theme including a color combination across various elements of the event.


Preparing Guest List

Our team identifies your target audience and creates various categories like VIPs, sponsors, media, etc. Once the guest list is finalized, we send out personalized invitations and arrange a smooth check-in process.


Choosing Venue & Time

With our experience and knowledge in event planning, we specialize in venue management. We scour various destinations and choose the best one that fits your needs like size, layout, lighting, and other amenities.


Fashion Model Arrangement

Our fashion event management services in Bangalore, also cover model arrangements. We can help you in finding perfect models, who align with your collection’s unique vibe and style.


Hiring Designers & Stylists

Hire stylists and designers who can curate the looks for the models. Our partnered designers and stylists specialize in providing contemporary, trending, and versatile styles for both design and fashion.


Commencing Fashion Show

We can help you host a backstage performance to present it to a close circle before the big day. Our event managers also take care of managing all the garments, welcoming guests, organizing the runway, and closing and thanks.

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Unique Process for
Organizing Unforgettable Family Events

Fashion Show Event Management Company in Bangalore


Before planning for the baby shower, we discuss with the client their expectations and special needs for the event. This will help us to plan the event accordingly.


Our event planners can also help you with budget management, listing out the rough estimate of the entire event and its logistics.

Fashion Show Event Management Company in Bangalore

Detailed Planning
and Execution

We provide event day management services to execute the event perfectly without any communicational gap and evaluate our services.

Seamless on-site

Being one of the best fashion show event management company in Bangalore, we also provide on-site event management support to minimize the communication gap and arrange all things required for fashion.

Post-event Follow-up

G-Unit Events organizes post-event follow-up, which involves taking care of waste management and also collecting reviews on our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The overall cost of the fashion show event management services depends on various factors the size of the event, logistics involved, location, services provided, and also labour and maintenance costs.

There is no fixed number of models that are needed for a fashion show, this number can vary based on the fashion show’s scale and the vision of the organizers. Choosing models who can match the energy and vibe of the audience can significantly impact the success of the fashion show.

Various roles or duties of a fashion show event organizer include planning and executing various parts of the show. This involves researching venues, ideating themes, promoting or marketing, detailed proposals, and facilitating secured bookings.

Our budget allocation is very effective as it identifies critical expenses and not-so-important expenses and maintains a \balance between them. We monitor all the expenses and allocate a budget based on the client's requirements.

Planning a fashion show varies widely from client to client based on their visions, requirements, and the goals of the event. Basic planning involves gathering the requirements from the clients and getting the necessary logistics, coordinating models, finalizing the details, and ensuring that everything is in place.

God Speed Unit is our subsidiary company, where we provide end-to-end in-house production & fabrication services.

We maintain an in-house inventory of a curated selection of stage elements for all kinds of events. By avoiding third-party vendors, we can offer the best stage decoration solutions for our clients at reasonable prices.

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